You asked for more hints and we listened. Version 1.2 is now available, and everyone who downloads this update will receive 50 free hints!

In addition to the free hints, this update also includes:

  • Sounds that will not interrupt your music
  • $1 hint pack giving you 100 hints (instead of 20)
  • $2 hint pack giving you 250 hints (instead of 100)
  • $1 stage pack that comes with 50 hints
  • $3 stage pack that comes with 250 hints

Thanks to all of our fans, Frankenword is currently rated 5 stars with 120 ratings!

New stages are currently in the works.


Tonight we deployed version 1.1 of our Frankenword app in the iTunes App Store! We’ve been getting awesome reviews and we took some of the feedback we received into consideration. 

The following improvements were included in this release:

  • Pushed up our release of stage F2, the next free stage (previously slated for an August 1 release);
  • Shortened our tweet text so it’s more concise; and
  • Disabled the vibrate feature.

Currently Frankenword is rated five stars with over 75 ratings! Thanks to all of our fans for your great feedback and support!  


Here’s the video for Frankenword. Enjoy!


Check out our press release for our new word game Frankenword!


Entertainingenious iOS Word Game Frankenword Hits iTunes App Store Thisi Week

it’s a word game for people who don’t like word games (and for people who do!)

SAN FRANCISCO, California (June 28, 2012) - What do you get when you mash two words together to create one new hilarious word? FRANKENWORD! An all new, unique and FREE iOS word game brought to you by mobile app developer Xether Labs.

This is a word game unlike any other─answers to clues overlap to create Frankenwords like:

  • cougarcade (cougar + arcade)
  • womenchilada (women + enchilada)
  • chillustration (chill + illustration)
  • dwarfare (dwarf + warfare)

In addition, this game is 100% ad free! Whether you’re a fan of crosswords, word searches, anagrams or just looking for a fun new game to pass the time, Frankenword is the game for you. Download Frankenword and start expanding your vocabulary today!

How it works

Each puzzle contains two clues that you must use to create your Frankenword. Each Frankenword consists of two words that are combined to make one word.

Stuck on a clue? Get some help solving the puzzle by tapping on each clue to highlight the number of letters in an answer or use hints to autofill letters.

Once you solve the puzzle, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter with your own creative definition, and earn yourself some HINTS!


  • Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • 600+ puzzles, with more coming!
  • Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • Earn Hints for sharing!
  • New FREE stages released monthly via push notifications!
  • No time limits, play at your own pace.
  • Choose, replay, and review your puzzles.
  • 100% AD FREE!!!

What our users are saying

“I would totally pay for this game.” - Gilad Salmon
“I don’t usually like word games, but this game is fun.” - Jon Thomas
“This game is legitimately really good.” - Frank Durocher
“I am so impressed! Pure genius and so addictive - and I don’t even like casual games!” - Chris Petrov

Pricing & Availability

Frankenword is available for free in the App Store at http://frankenwordgame.com/download for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Additional free stages will be released monthly. On top of that, there are even more stages available to purchase for $0.99 each or four for $2.99! That’s over 600 puzzles available!

Additional Information

For additional information about Frankenword, including screenshots, demo video and more, please visit http://frankenwordgame.com/kit.

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About Xether Labs

Xether Labs is a mobile game company founded by Andrew Farmer and Jesse Renfro. Our goal is to create ridiculous and amazing games.

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We have exciting news! The final build of our new word game for iPhone and iPad has been submitted to Apple for review. Many thanks to our friends/testers who gave us valuable support and feedback during the development process! We’ll be waiting for the official word from Apple, but in the meantime keep checking back here for the latest news.


Check out the new Xether Labs logo!


The Xether Labs team has been hard at work developing BP! Here’s an update on some of the progress that’s been made over the last month.

  • Redesigned menu and settings screens, including an easy to follow How to Play screen;
  • A variety of additional gameplay modes and levels offering a more robust and action-packed player experience;
  • New and improved Banana Man with enhanced graphics and movements; and
  • Some creepy new enemies to be on the lookout for. (Seriously creepy!)

More updates to come, so stay tuned!


Re-did the walls in Banana Panic!

I’m going for not too cartoony, but definitely not realistic either. And they shouldn’t distract from Banana Man or the other characters. We went for a stratified look.

~ Andrew


BP! Now available on the iPod! Well, on this iPod. But as you can see, development is coming along well.

~ Andrew


The Banana Panic! Builder. This is the hyper-advanced tool that we use to design the patterns that Banana Man encounters as he descends.